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vissta texter går rakt in i hjärtat...

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Det finns texter och så finns det TEXTER, ibland så kommer man över låt-texter som verkligen fångar en och griper tag i en. Ikväll så lyssnade jag på en helt enormt bra låt med Broder Daniel. Det är låten "When we were winning". Men det är inte den vanliga versionen av den låten, utan det är b-sidan till den låten jag tänker på. För som b-sida till den låten så finns det en extra lång version av den, med en helt UNDERBAR text. När man läser den texten så får man verkligen en tår i ögat, för den kryper verkligen under skinnet på en...

"oh when we were seventeen
oh life was like a film
when we were seventeen
the sky was always tangerine
we ran through streets at night
under starlight
we ran through streets at night
when we were winning

oh wild was the world
and wild we burned
we were kings of the streets
not yet beaten by defeats
but now it's hard to see
through a fog of memories
but I remember
when we were winning

now my friends are unemployed
not needed in this world
pushed down by this town and always turned down
but in dreams at night
they can sometimes recall
when we were heroes
when we were winning

There was a girl that I loved
I have her photograph
It seems long ago
or was it yesterday?
She was a glimpse of life
a life that I missed
the chance I ever got
when we were winning

I thought I saw here today
thru a crowd in the street
I tried to run up to her
and my heart was beating fast
but she was already gone
she was lost in the crowd
but will I see her again
in the street or on a bus?
and can it be true
love never really dies
and is there still a chance
the fire never dies

I was out walking yesterday
I passed my old school
and I started to think back
to when I was a boy there
and all my classmates
they got real jobs now
but we are walking along
the same streets were I was born

what have we done to our lives?
we could've been anything
we gave it our love for what?
this is the time

and when I was growing up
my mom held a job
employed by the state
at the local school
she used to smell in her mouth
as she always used to sing
she let her hair down in spring
when we were winning

but she was worned out
she had to quit her job
and after 30 years of work
now shes got nothing
she says she hates her life
and her marriage has failed
but don't lay down and die
pleeease be alive

oh it's in the air at night
there's a wind coming in
the days dying
oh it's so beautiful
there's something happening somewhere
I take the bus in to town
all I see is laughing
and we are winning

soon I grow older
but god knows I haven't lived yet
before tonight's the memory
let's go out
I'm still young

ahhhhh aaaaahh aaaaaah aaaaaaah
aaaaahhh aaaaah aaaaaaaaaah

life doesn't wait"


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