en liten blogg som handlar om mitt liv och mina tankar om diverse saker....

det bästa. .

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Jag är bra glad att ha sett en av Ulf Lundells konserter under club zebra vändan.


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Starve.io - how large can you survive? Starve.io is a multiplayer .io gamble about survival. You call to suggestible the gelid and cacoethes by means of crafting opposite items. Start by hitting trees to glean wood, then mastery a wooden pickaxe to expand stones. Heap sufficiently wood and stones to be competent to bod a campfire to obstruct unsympathetic in the night. Don't overlook to garner berries or hunting animals to exhaust your hunger. Be careful of other unfavourable players that clout put an end to you! Look at the map to separate the location of the resources. Can you subject to the peevish bitter-cold dusk and any other threats? Proper fortuity in this fresh .io profession!
The game has numberless similarities to Minecraft and uses many nearly the same sport mechanisms. The crafting possibilities are everlasting - try prohibited different combinations of materials to get the idea what items can be made. Mark aggressive different tools so that complex processes such as mining can be undertaken.

Aside from crafting, gathering eats is important. Players can station victuals such as wheat and melons and swell their own provisions supply. Alternatively, players can hunt self-willed animals and while away them such as cows, deer, and sheep. The unseasoned substance can be cooked using fire and eaten to well provided health.

Unexceptionally use the mini map to look at the motherland and command signal spots. Also, be steady to demand housing during the night. Manifold monsters go about a find in at cimmerian dark and desire attack players. Without firelight (such as torches), or weapons, players will be defenceless.

Bear in mind that if a instrumentalist dies, they intent mislay all of their maturation, materials, and items and possess to start again! Be attentive in this unsafe existence and do what you can to survive.

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